The Financing Of Violence To Undermine The 2nd Amendment

Despite what many college campuses across America today would have you believe, in life there are only two means in which to negotiate conflict. Force and reason. If someone intent on causing you harm were to attack you or your family, you can either convince him through reason to stop his attack (highly unlikely), or when left with no other choice, you can respond with force in order to prevent him from causing grave bodily harm or even death to you or your loved ones. This truth is universal, and all conflicts ultimately fall under one of these two means of persuasion. Force and Reason.

In a truly moral and upright society, people interact exclusively through the use of reason. If you want me to do something on your behalf, you have to convince me why such an act is within my own best interest to do so. When you show up to work in the morning, you do so because you have decided that the monetary benefit that you will receive is in your best interest, not because your employer is threatening your life.

When you carry a firearm, criminals no longer have a monopoly on force. They are effectively left with only reason and logic to persuade you, as you can readily negate any threat or employment of force that they may attempt. A firearm is the only means of self-protection that puts a 100 lb women on equal terms with a 270 lb thug, an 81 year old man on equal terms with a high school gangbanger, and everyday hard working patriots on the same footing as a parking garage full of thieves and carjackers.

2nd Amendment

For those of you that have been programmed into believing that shredding your God given and Second Amendment enforced right to bear arms will make criminals less criminal, I regret to inform you that you have sadly been misled. Firearms remove any disparity of size, strength, numbers, or physical fitness between you and any potential assailant. Firearms are the ultimate equalizer.

While it is absolutely true that firearms make it easier for criminals to commit harm in our society, it is only when our society has been disarmed by our government that we give criminals free reign to do so. If I walk into a restaurant with the intention of robbing every patron there, only to discover that the majority of families are armed, I am either going to be going home empty handed or in a body bag depending upon the method of persuasion that I choose to employ. An armed society, is a polite society.

Those who are willing to lay down their right to bear arms in this country will ultimately be ruled by those who possess the disparity of force to do so. A criminal, even just one with nothing more than a baseball bat, can easily make a successful living in a society where our government has given him a monopoly on force by disarming the people. The fact that firearms make lethal force easier to employ works solely in favor of the weaker defender, not the stronger criminally hardened attacker.

So if this is all true, why does the media portray just the opposite, with men and women of all ages taking to the streets, clamoring for the government to take away their 2nd Amendment rights in return for greater security? Well the truth has been here all along, you simply just had to follow the money.


A Root Of Evil: George Soros

The financing of gun control within our country is a topic that is all too often avoided, because it does not fit the narrative that the mainstream media has been tasked to employ. The majority of firearm related demonstrations that you see on national television are not organic, they are orchestrated. Anderson Cooper is not George Sorossharing with you his in-depth reporting because he cares about your safety, he wants to call you to action against your own interests.

The media by and large has only presented to you the branches of evil. The objects (i.e., firearms, box cutters, pressure cookers) the organizations (i.e., Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Open Borders, Move On), and even the people (i.e., James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Nikolas Cruz) that we are all free to hate and ridicule for the irreparable harm that they create, but never the roots of evil that finance and incite violence in our own country. When you hack at the branches, they just grow back; when you hack the roots, only then can you topple the tree.

George Soros is outwardly recognized as a political activist and as one of the most successful investors of our era. However, that is a very sanitized version of the truth. The man has a long history of paying to incite violence through color revolutions, and then financing gun control legislation in the wake of the violence he helps to create. In the words of Hillary Clinton’s mentor and known luciferian worshiper Saul Alinsky, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”


How The Second Amendment And Our Bill Of Rights Is Undermine

Undermining the 2nd Amendment Through Race

On August 9th, 2014, Michael Brown was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson with just cause for attempting to disarm and murder the officer with his own firearm during the commision of an arrest. The protests that were to follow across 83 cities in the wake of the shooting would receive national coverage by the media, and were not the organic uprising against firearms and police related violence that many in the public were led to believe.

Through the Open Society Foundation, George Soros’ non-profit philanthropic foundation, $33 million was spent to further embolden and incite violence across the United States in the aftermath of the shooting. George Soros funded groups, such as and Ferguson Action were paid to help mobilize protests, pay protesters fixed incomes for participation in the riots, transport out of state protesters into Ferguson, and even provide the signs and banners that were held by these groups as they looted and destroyed their own community. george soros and hitler

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation did not spend $33 million dollars because George Soros and his colleagues are concerned with racial inequality, they want to ferment it in order to create discontent and have the American public call for the surrender of their own rights under the premise of greater security and protection. Not much different than how our representatives in the House and Senate signed away our right to privacy in its near entirety under the Patriot Act of 2001. Although given such a patriotic title, how could anyone disagree at the risk of being seen as unpatriotic.

The intended consequence of funding and creating these mass protests was to divide the population and create an environment where law enforcement is hesitant to do their duty. An effect now colloquially known as Ferguson Effect. With police officers now hesitant to do their jobs for fear of being crucified by the media, criminals are emboldened, and an environment is created that is conducive to crime.

As such, violent crime begins to escalate, as do the calls to stop the bloodshed. Ultimately leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy where the very environment that was created to embolden criminals now becomes the mechanism in which the general public now calls to disarm themselves under the pretense of greater safety and security. Eventually leading to one of the ultimate objectives of George Soros and the Open Society Foundation, the nationalization of our local police departments as such that they are no longer accountable to the communities they serve, but now take their directives from Washington in order to protect the public from themselves.

If any organization within the United States can contribute millions of dollars towards the aim of inciting violence within our borders and not be held responsible for terrorism, then maybe we no longer know what terrorism really is. Perhaps, that is why Russia banned George Soros and his Open Society Foundation from their borders many years ago.



Undermining The Second Amendment Through Elections

When Antifa suddenly appeared nationwide during the 2016 Presidential election, it was neither organic or by coincidence. The organizations latest reincarnation was largely funded by George Soros, with the intent of derailing then Republican Presidential nominee Donald John Trump from securing the Presidential election. George Soros at the time had already funneled $25 million to Hillary Clinton and various other Super PACs in support of her presidency, with another $1.7 million personally donated to Antifa through various other organizations such as and Washington’s Community Action Network.

george soros nazi collaborator

Washington’s CAN network was so brazen in their efforts that the organization did very little to obscure where their funding came from, and went as far as to openly post on job message boards across the United States in an attempt to lure full-time protestors to their ranks for $15 – $20 an hour, with ofcouse the opportunity for travel.

The intent of Antifa was never to end fascism within the United States, as the vast majority of protesters could hardly even articulate what Fascism truly is. Antifa was intended to be the personal army of the Democratic Convention by subverting Republican votes through voter intimidation at registered voting offices and causing political disruption by stirring violence against soon to be President-Elect Donald J. Trump at his rallies. Conservative Christian families were largely smeared and threatened as Neo-Nazi misogynist bigots in hopes of shaming them out of participating in the countries election through personal shame and public ridicule. Another textbook Saul Alinsky tactic, “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

Despite the vast sum of money spent by George Soros and his peers to ensure Hillary Clinton’s victory (estimated to be approximately just over $1 billion in 2016) which does not even include the cost of rigging of the voting machines across 16 states through the George Soros controlled companies such as Smartmatic Group, Donald Trump was elected president by the American people, and our 2nd Amendment rights will never be repealed under his legislative authority.


What We As Americans Need To Take Away From This 

The removal of America’s 2nd Amendment and your God given right to bear arms is not something that can be removed by force, it is something that can only be 2nd Amendmentremoved by persuasion. By persuading you that guns kill people, not that criminals kill people. By persuading you that your children are unsafe, not that gun free zone are unsafe. And by persuading that it is once again time to surrender more of your liberties for the greater good, not that you are surrendering your liberties for someone else’s good. Benjamin Franklin once said that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Maybe it is time we relearned our history.

There are people in this world that wish nothing more than to cause you harm. It is not their words that serve as a testament to this fact, it is their actions. George Soros is neither a philamprothist, nor an ally to the American people, and his only goal is to bring revolution to the United States in hopes of forming New World Order. The next time someone tries to persuade you to surrender your second amendment rights, maybe it’s time you inquired into who fooled them into giving up theirs.


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